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Atlanta, GA 30317

Spa Hours
Mon – Sat | 10A-7P
Sun | 12-5P

Holistic Medicine and Treatments

Relax and Chill Acupuncture (60/90 min) $100/150

with Rondi Nunn

Rondi uses acupuncture, meditation and massage to address a wide variety of health concerns, both physical & mental/emotional. Meditative music and aromatherapy will also compliment your treatment. 

Attunement Therapy (60 min) $130

with Jeff Chaffe

This unique treatment allows the therapist to pick up on the nuances that direct your life. Experience guidance in a way that will enhance your personal and interpersonal experiences, train in deeper awareness of life patterns, and remove obstructions that prevent the true self of being expressed fully.

Eternale Treatment (40min) 1/$50, 5/$230, 10/$450

with Ndine Drame

Eternale Quantum Biofeedback system was created by Professor Bill Nelson of Hungary. This revolutionary system measures imbalances in the body and sends frequencies to individual cells through bioacoustics which corrects them. These frequencies help retrain the mind and body to let go of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. 

Guided Meditation (60 min) $75

with Gina Polce

Health Coaching

with Gina Polce 

Infrared Sauna (30 min) 1/$45, 3/$120, 10/$400

with Ndine Drame

Intuitive Reading (60 mins) $110

with Elaine Clayton

Metamorphosis (3, 2-hr sessions) $450

with Surayya, Women of Light

Allows emotional freedom from past life traumas. Metamorphosis transmutes negative emotions attached to the traumatic event, allowing freedom to move forward without the negative emotions you have carried throughout life. 

Mindful Mentorship (3 sessions) $300

with Gina Polce 

Parasite - Gua Sha Therapy (90 min) 1/$150, 3/$380, 6/$750

with Ndine Drame

Manual Therapy/Dry Needling $140

with Kara Strauss

The use of solid filament needles inserted through the skin and into the muscle to release painful myofascial trigger points, resulting in the deepest tissue release allowing for improvements in movement and pain.

Physical Therapy (60 min) $140

with Kara Strauss

Reiki (60 min) $110

with Elaine Clayton

Reiki (60 min) $115

with Surayya, Women of Light

Transmission of universal energy by placing the hands on or close to the body. Reiki relaxes the body while simultaneously helping the body heal itself.

Sound Vibration/Everything Vibrates (30 min) $80

with Surayya, Women of Light

Sound Vibrational breaks up stagnation in the body by raising the body’s vibrational frequency to remove blockages with the use of Chakra chimes, Tibetan and Crystal bowls. 

Vibrational Fat Burning Treatment (20 min) 1/$20, 3/$50, 10/$150

with Ndine Drame

Whole body vibration benefits the body’s cardiovascular system and can burn unwanted fat.

Wellness Consultation (2.5 hrs) $175

with Ndine Drame

Consultation Includes: Toxicity Quiz, Intracellular Acidity Assessment, Eternale Bio-feedback Treatment (see below for explanation)